Cam Good


About Cam

Cam rowed Varsity and studied entrepreneurship and marketing at the University of Victoria School of Business. He received an athletic scholarship for rowing and was the 8th fastest starboard heavyweight in Canada when he was selected for Canada’s Second Heavyweight 8+ at the Commonwealth Rowing Championships. Before leaving university Cam developed a US-style corporate sponsorship program as Marketing Manager for the Department of Athletics; part of his Bachelor of Commerce degree. Cam moved to Vancouver, acquired some abandoned assets of a defunct computer superstore chain and quickly grew one of the largest technical service companies in Metro Vancouver. He would later give the company to his employees and shareholders, found the first technical services cooperative in the world and be elected to the Board of Directors of the BCCA. He resigned in 2004 to follow a growing passion for real estate. Under Cam’s leadership Key Marketing cracked the top tier of project marketing firms in Metro Vancouver, beating all of its competitors in sales volume in 2011 with 1,521 condo sales topping $1.1B, including 800 sales in Toronto in 100 days. He has now led the sales and/or marketing of well over 150 multi-family real estate projects, many of which are mixed use high rise communities totalling over $7B. Cam was the keynote speaker at dozens of events for the real estate, hotel and construction industries as well as for UVic and UBC. He is a leading expert in real estate and frequently published in prestigious publications including the Wall Street Journal, and the National Post. Cam matches dollar for dollar the charitable donations of his employees, pays for their professional education and gives paid time off for volunteer work.