About Donald

Are you facing challenges with your current space? Do you need to: - Renegotiate your lease? - Dispose of excess space? - Find a better location? - Explore buying vs. leasing? If so, you don't need a real estate salesperson. You need a real estate consultant with real world business experience, someone who knows the challenges you face because he has faced them himself. We are in uncertain times and this business volatility will likely increase, not decrease. Wouldn't it be nice to have a skilled advocate and adviser who has decades of experience guiding you and advising you? Don Snell is a True Tenant Representative: • 24 years representing business owners in lease & purchase negotiations. (Alberta licensed RE assoc.) • 12 years experience in purchasing and corporate real estate management. (Fortune 500 Co.) • Detailed Analyst. • Insightful Strategist. • Experienced Negotiator. • Skilled at crafting leases with flexibility & savings. Don can provide what you need to get a Great Deal: • Extensive Property Searches and comparisons, • Financial Analyses of total occupancy costs, • Strong, non-adversarial Negotiation, and • On-going lease management. What will it cost you to obtain Don's expertise? Let Don show you how to retain his services without any cost to you. Don would love to provide you with his insightful analysis and strategic business advice. Consultations are free, so why not call & discuss your situation?